Self care

I’m talking to you!

The one that puts off that hot cup of tea, who won’t sit down at night until everyone’s clothes are put away & dishes are done, you that dresses your family first before you consider dressing yourself, budgets for all your kids activities before you find a dollar to put to yourself, climbs out of bed to reassure your babe’s cries but knows there’s no rest for days when you’re ill, the one that second guesses the stares you receive when you walk into kindergarten dressed in work attire, the one that beats themself up after the doctor reprimands your child, then later realises that WAS NOT COOL, but you’re that exhausted you accepted a stranger raising his voice to your child because you figure you just generally suck at this parenting thing at least 50% of the time. Yes, I’m talking to you. I’m telling you that your time, your self care is SO important to your existence. You may not be able to magically conjure up extra hours of sleep, but you CAN find a way to slip out of the ‘home zone’ for a moment just for yourself. Take a walk, book a hairdressers appointment, see a film, catch up with a friend and talk *without interruption* and drink a hot coffee.

become a priority in your life

I have learnt SO much about myself over the last 18 months, how far I can push myself and how I can break and literally second guess every single thing I do. I’ve learnt about self care and how important looking after the Mothership really is. You can’t pour from an empty cup, be a better you, feel like a better mother, lover and friend and make yourself a priority