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Healthy Icy Poles for kids

Healthy Icy Poles for KidsI don’t know about you but my toddler is a horrible teether and when she goes through weeks of pain and food refusal I find it hard and stressful as a mum to feed her healthy options that she’s happy to eat. In the early days I worked out that smoothies (green, berries etc.) were received well so I’ve been combining flavours and ingredients to get some protein, calcium, fruit and veggies into some fun kid appealing icy poles that your toddler will love on their sore gums and mums and dads can also enjoy.

Berry Weetbix Icy PoleBerry & Weetbix smoothie
-1 large handful Strawberries
-1 large handful Blueberries
-1 cup of natural greek yoghurt
-1 Banana
-2 Weetbix (Gluten Free weetbix would be a great alternative for GF’s)
-3 large silverbeet leaves
-3/4 cup coconut water almond/cows milk
Blend all ingredient and place in a popsicle mould.

Cacao and Coconut
-1 Banana
-1 cup Coconut cream
-1/4 cup Cacao Powder
-1/2 cup Coconut water
-1 large handful of spinach leaves
Blend all ingredients and place in a popsicle mould.

Strawberry and watermelonFresh berries and watermelon (two ingredients, it doesn’t get easier).
-1 Large punnet of Strawberries
-1 Watermelon
Blend all ingredients and place in a popsicle mould.

I use a variety of icy pole moulds (because toddlers demand the same thing but served ten thousand different ways to keep them interested) and have even used small tupperware storage trays to create different shapes. For the real ‘ice cream look’ effect I recommend this one by Sunny Life Sunnlife Popsicle mould