Cat sanz imageMy name is Cat and I am a mumma of three beautiful babes and a business owner over at Sanz Coaching amongst a combination of other businesses. In the past I've run a Real Estate business, managed a ticketing and events company based in Australia and New Zealand, grown my own fashion label and also worked in PR. Pre kids I worked long days and nights and travelled A LOT. With kids I still manage a lot of work and travel but of course I do what I can to challenge that word ‘balance’ and make things work for my family, my husband and most importantly for MYSELF.

I post mainly about my life as a small business owner building an empire whilst doing my best to be 'mum' to my tribe, I love creating my own style and reflecting my personality in my outfit, I thoroughly enjoy nourishing myself through food, meditation and life appreciation. Thanks for tuning in.
Cat xx