Sensitive skin care, Mustela’s new eczma range

Sensitive skin is certainly hereditary and one of those things both my girls haven’t been able to escape since Michael and I both suffer from eczema and psoriasis. In fact there’s between 50-80% chance of our children being affected when both parents have dry skin conditions and research has shown babies skin is most sensitive between birth and age 2.

So we have been on the hunt from the get-go for products that don’t irritate, manage to sooth, moisterise and really nurture their skin.
Coming into winter I’m always aware of how much all of us are affected by the dryness of the cooler months and heaters blasting all the time. Which is why we all increase our care regime to include fragrance and detergent free products.
We were recently given the latest range of Eczema formulated skin care from Mustela to try and I’ve had some great results over weeks of testing it and making it part of our daily ritual.
Mustela Bath range
The bath is the number one place I feel dryness starts so with the Bath oil and specific cleansing cream I found instantly the moisture wasn’t being drawn out of the girls skin and instead left their skin feeling more nourished after a bath.

Post Bath Care
Post Bath Care
Post bath care is just as important so a full body covering with the emollient cream has become our ritual, instead of just applying it to the problem areas I am making sure all their little bodies are getting the moisture it needs. The range includes a cream that targets the especially dry spots and I’ve begun using that on Lucia’s legs.
Barrier cream
Lastly anyone with a child who suffers eczema would know that babe is more likely to have sensitivity and nappy rash. The vitamin barrier cream has really helped my little one throughout her recent teething and nappy rash, applied once and by the next nappy change the irritation has nearly completely subsided.
All in all the products have been fabulous for my girls and their sensitive skin. Coming into winter they have less irritation than I’ve seen and the daily moisture routine is one we’ll be keeping up.
For more details on Mustela head to their website.
*This is not a sponsored post, the range was gifted to GFmum by Mustela.