Finding out Bubba’s gender


Boy or Girl?

Why I want to know and why I want to keep it secret.

It’s hard to decide whether to keep the biggest secret about your unborn bubba to yourself or to tell others let alone to find out the gender in the first place. I’m absolutely terrible with suspense, the thought of knowing I could find out bubba’s sex and yet not ask just conjures up terrible night sweats and anxiety. I knew I would always want to find out bubba’s gender but whether to tell the rest of the world prior to birth has been something I’ve questioned a number of times.

We already know what to expect when bubba comes arrives, my OB let me know at the week 16 scan, though she couldn’t be certain as bubba’s legs were crossed (such convenient timing I know) but we were gestured in the direction of what to expect at our 20 week scan.

Probably the toughest aspect of keeping our little secret is deciding on colours of clothes and the nursery theme with Bubbas gender in mind, yet not making any obvious statements with colour choices. As a child my favourite colour and the tone I was most commonly dressed in was Navy. I rather like navy on girls, I don’t know why today’s society associates blues with boys. Back in the early 20th century pinks and reds were known as colours for boys whilst blue was considered more dainty and suitable for girls. I’ve urged family and friends not to both with colour specific items and look for fun patterns and alternative colours such as yellow, grey, mauve and teal.

Whatever colour the baby wears we look forward to sharing the gender with everyone once bubba makes it into this world. This secret has been a temptation on my lips on many occasions and I’ve done my best to back peddle out of many conversations so far that begin with he/she. But keeping the secret just between the two of us has been a lovely experience. It’s as though we have already met this little one months before others will have the opportunity to and as first time parents this is a great delight.


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