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Lunch box and family meal planner

Food has always been one of my greatest loves, those that know me might even say food is the key to my heart. I’ve tried to bring my children up with a love of food in a variety of healthy, filling options and from Lady R (my eldest’s) first year in childcare I have been packing lunches. As a working mum I need to be organised otherwise I compromise on quality and end up throwing anything I can into a lunch box last minute and dinner goes much the same way.

The key to being organised is having a list to refer to when grocery shopping (I do mine online) and secondly, preparing the lunches and some dinners in advance and in some cases in bulk. This has led to me figure out a list of items that provide variety and nourish kids throughout an active day. Now I am very clear in stating I’m not a nutritionist, I haven’t studied health or science. I am simply a working mum that eats a gluten and refined sugar diet and have a great interest in being organised and keeping a reasonably healthy lunch box and dinner plan for my kids.

Lunchbox ideas

This list I’ve been using and building on over the last few years, keep in mind I’ve left off nuts and other allergy foods (eggs etc) but if your school/kinder allow those foods I encourage you to include them because they are great, nutritious and filling.

If you’re looking for a weekly guide of ideas for school lunch boxes and dinners then be sure to download my free list and the meal planner I've worked with the amazing Chloe from Blueberry Co to create.

Blueberry Co and Cat Sanz School Meal Planner

Weekly meal planner

The options allow you to set up a few weekly planners and rotate them, create a unique one each week or just work with one. My list offers inspiration and ideas, be creative and of course work with the food (and dietary requirements) you and your family love. Chloe's company, Blueberry Co have come up with an easy to use planner that you can fill in as required and print weekly, the beautiful design is one your kids can colour in or you might find yourself colouring over a cup of tea and enjoying #fiveminutesofmine

Enjoy xx
Example Lunch box