Collette Dinnigan & Aldi Release a kids collection



It’s no secret I have a  love for Aldi specials. Ask any one of my friends who may comment on an outfit, jacket or hat worn by Lady R and the chances are I’ll respond with ‘it’s an Aldi Special’. Their products have unique design, are inexpensive and wash and wear like nothing else. Truly it’s the quality I love and the fact that Aldi is the closest thing to a retail outlet near my house, for those that aren’t regular Aldi-ans the store offer weekly specials of a small range of clothes, appliances, kids, adults, indoor, outdoor themes that changes each Wednesday and Saturday, stock is limited and you can wait another 6 months before they offer the same theme or range again so there is a level of urgency to get in and buy up!

So you can imagine my excitement to learn they are stocking a designer capsule collection by Collette Dinigan! Wow Aldi 10 points for starting so high up the Australian fashion food chain, check it out here. Collette’s Young Hearts collection covers everything from girl dresses, sets, pyjamas, bathers and baby wear all for girls. I’m so excited I’m planning on being ‘that mum’ waiting at the doors when they open at 8:30 tomorrow morning.
Check below for my pick of the collection on sale Wednesday 14th October, full collection here.



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